One of the biggest and more attractive reasons people customize their vehicle is to give their vehicles a boost in appearance. The exterior of the vehicle is usually the first thing onlookers notice about the car.

Aside from customizing the car's exterior with creative wheels, body kits and suspensions, boring factory-made interiors can also be customized with popping audio systems, leather upholstery and even initials in your headrest. Performance tuning and vehicle retuning are also popular.


Detailing is the meticulous restoration of gloss and reflection of the car paint. Due to our skills in correcting and removing paint defects, such as holograms and (wash) scratches, we are able to renovate or refurbish old paint or to improve the current paint far beyond the possibilities offered by the car manufacturer.

By means of extensive polishing treatments and or glass coatings, we protect your paint against all weather influences. Your car leaves our workshop better than new!

XPEL Protection

Protect your car against stone chips, scratches and harmful UV rays. Paint Protection Film (PPF): is a thermoplastic urethane (often self-healing) film that is applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car to protect the paint from stone chips, insect splatters, and minor abrasions. Being optically clear, the film can be applied to protect your car's original paintwork without altering its appearance. The self-healing properties of our film mean swirl marks from incorrect washing methods are a thing of the past.


Car wrapping is the ideal way to personalize and protect your car.

By applying large panels of completely removable vinyl to your vehicle, we give your car a completely new look. Unlike spray painting, a vinyl wrap can be removed quickly and easily, allowing you to return to the original paint finish. From gloss, matte or satin colors to special films such as Flip colors and chrome.

Custom Dreams works with a huge selection of the best vinyls. These high end products provide the same look and surface texture as a regular paint finish and the film itself actually protects your car's paint from stone chips, abrasions and weathering, this will preserve the future value of your car.

Spray painting calipers

Painting the brake calipers gives a completely different look and gives the car a unique, exclusive appearance.
Calipers are painted or sprayed with special caliper paint. Above this there will be an extra heat-resistant layer of lacquer.
Because an extra heat-resistant coating is applied, this offers better protection, so that the hooves remain in good condition for longer.

Window tinting

Tinted windows are a popular addition for many car owners, we only work with the best films. They offer much more than just an exclusive look.

Our carbon window films offer; heat rejection, UV radiation protection, reducing internal fading, glare reduction, variety of shades and colors to choose from.

We disassemble windows if this is necessary for the best result and only work with the best foils that can be found on the market. In addition to the rear windows, we also tint the front doors and windscreens entirely in accordance with Dutch legislation.

Damage repair

If you have damage to your car such as a dent or scratch, restoration of car paint, dent removal of a bumper or major damage, then you have come to the right place at Custom Dreams. Our experienced team of professionals can repair all types of exclusive cars according to their strict factory requirements. Car manufacturers are applying more and more innovative and complex techniques. Each brand also requires a different approach. We are therefore continuously investing in our people and resources to meet all requirements regarding brand recovery.

In certain cases, your car insurance can cover the damage. That depends on the type of insurance you have taken out and how the damage occurred.

You can find this in your insurance policy. We can inform you about the possibilities, this can be done on telephone number 06-22594830.
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Rim repair

Over time, rims are sure to experience damage, whether it be light scratches or curb damage. For a car enthusiast, damage to rims is an eyesore. Especially if you have paid a considerable amount for a new set of rims. A damaged rim also detracts from the appearance of a car. We can professionally restore your damaged rims as new.

Are you satisfied with your rims, but would you like them in a different colour? Coloring the rims is also possible.

Carbon repair

Thanks to the development of both techniques and materials (such as carbon fabrics and epoxy resins), repairing / restoring carbon is now a fully-fledged alternative. We have the knowledge to carry out these repairs in a professional manner. This allows the part to be repaired, while in some cases it is still mounted on your car.

Assemble bodykits

Body kits will take your supercar to the next level. These high-end car parts bring new details to your car that will transform it and attract attention.

For example, we can install a front splitter and diffuser. A spoiler can also be fitted or the car can be made wider by means of a spoiler. a widebody kit. When the entire car needs to be tackled, we can do this with a full body kit.

We work with body kits of the most beautiful designs and the highest quality.


Do you have paint or scratch damage, has your paint become dull or do you want a new colour? Then you have come to the right place. Our professional painters ensure that your car looks like new again after painting. Our painters have a lot of experience with spraying cars and are trained every year in applying the most modern techniques and working with new paint products.

Because each customer's needs are unique, we hold personal consultations to ensure that the design and specifications are 100% to your liking.

Hydrodip (carbon)

Hydrodipping, formerly known as Water Transfer Printing, is a method of applying printed graphics to 3D objects. Hydrodip's decorative films offer a rich variety of color tones and effects on all 3D objects with a paintable surface. Paint and foil options range from solid colors, brushed aluminum and various designs including custom patterns, kevlar and wood grain looks. This process offers iconic styling options and flexibility in creating decorative coatings that are attractive, stain resistant and easy to clean.

“The difference between good and the best is an eye for detail”
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