The secret 2024!

Adrenaline, Ignorance, curious

- What if you don't know where you're going?

- All you know is that you have to pack your suitcase and return your car.

- The start of the drive is on April 10. And lasts 5 days.

- Of course top hotels

- Beautiful lunch locations

On this tour you ride together with a maximum of 8 other participants.

- Your car will be transported to the starting location.

People who register will visit the most beautiful driving roads in Europe.

Are you coming with me??
The Secret summary

- It is not possible to talk to others about participation
- When it becomes clear that participation in The Secret has been discussed, a disqualification will follow.
- Dinners included
- Drinks included
- Transport car included
- Transport to the airport and home included
- Flight included
- 2 persons per car
- The Secret is a unique journey.

Can you keep the secret until your participation?

After registration, new information will follow on January 1.

The 9 Miles team

- The entire 9 Miles team is of course at everyone's disposal.

- The crew consists of: photo team & the men who are our "hands" during the drive.

- Of course, an extensive goodie bag will be given at the start of the Drive.

Every day the participant receives an extensive road book from the crew.
€ 7990,07 ex. VAT.
More information can be found on the website
“The difference between good and the best is an eye for detail”
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