La Perla Del Sur

After we finished in Valencia last year, this will now be the starting location of this beautiful trip.

The combination of the most beautiful hotels, delicious dishes at top restaurants and beautiful roads make this trip unique. Discover all the highlights of this beautiful region and be enchanted.

From Valencia to Marbella in 6 days...a home game for some, but not on the roads we have chosen.

The start of the drive is on May 26 in beautiful Valencia.
On this tour you ride together with a maximum of 24 other participants.

Enjoy the routes, the gastronomy and of course the fun group of participants to the fullest.

At the end of the trip we arrive in Marbella and things will remain restless there for a long time....:D

Became curious? All information can be read in the brochure.

Are you coming with me??
€5599.00 *excl. 21% VAT based on 2 persons
More information can be found on the website
View brochure
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