Autumndrive 2023

The AutumnDrive, a recurring drive where we visit a beautiful new area in our beautiful Netherlands every year. This year we start with our partner Jurgh Car Detailing. A look behind the scenes of Jurgen's wonderful company. Of course we are welcomed with
a fresh cup of coffee and some snacks.

Around 11 o'clock the engines will be started and we will leave together
for a beautiful ride through North Holland. Idyllic villages alternate with beautiful N-roads. We reach our lunch location via the Afsluitdijk: Strandhuys Makkum.

After the 2-hour drive, everyone is ready for a nice lunch. Strandhuys Makkum takes care of it
a very extensive lunch where we will lack nothing.
After lunch we drive a beautiful route through the province of Friesland, a province that we still remember
have never visited before and where we visit the far north of the province via Leeuwarden
shall see. Beautiful villages alternate with N-roads with some villages and towns
are visited during the historic Eleven Cities Tour. We finish at the beautiful modern Dockum Brewery. Here we enjoy a great buffet from the Brewery and a dose of fun.

All in all, the AutumnDrive promises to be another drive where fun will be number 1. A day full of delicious snacks, hopefully empty roads and beautiful polder landscapes. A great opportunity to get together again, meet new people, discover Frisian hospitality and enjoy everything the Netherlands has to offer.

All information about the day can be read in the extensive brochure.
€ 169,- ex. VAT. Price per person
More information can be found on the website
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